Q: Where can I purchase the Tiny Furries?
A: You can find the retail store address in "Store locator", https://tinyfurries.com/store-locator 
or purchase from our our authorized dealers https://tinyfurries.com/product

Q: How to replace the battery of Tiny Furries?
A: Turns the Tiny Furries counter clockwise to remove it from the shell- with correct polarity.
Open the battery compartment: loosen the screw by turning counter clockwise with a  screwdriver
Insert 3 x AG13/LR44 batteries in the battery compartment

Q: How to record messages?
A: Press the mouth button twice in 1 second to record a message.
After recording, press the button once and it will repeat the message.

Q: Is there an age limitation?
A: Age : 3+

Q: How to turn on / off Tiny Furries?
A: To turn on / off Tiny Fuuries : Press its Mouth Button 2 seconds.

Q: How to synchronize Tiny Furries to Choir Mode?
i) Place my furries friends approximately 40cm around me. Make sure the environment is quiet and we are facing each other. 
ii) Press my Mouth Button thrice within 1 second. Pairing is completed after the connecting rhythm.
iii) When we are connected, we will start to chat immediately and then sing a song. 
iiii) Enjoy the same interactions with me as in solo mode. Together with my friends, I will chat, sing, laugh…and more!
* Tips: If you cannot connect any of the Tiny Furries, press me thrice again. Please make sure the environment is quiet without disturbing sound and we are facing each other.  
Standby mode: If you lay me idle for 15 seconds, I will make a short sound to catch your attention.